How can INTAQT contribute for a Sustainable Food Systems framework Law?

In a significant advancement towards enhancing food quality and sustainability, INTAQT, a pioneering European funded project specialized in the development of innovative tools for assessing and authenticating livestock products, is positioned to play a key role in strengthening the objectives outlined in the Framework Law for Sustainable Food Systems.

Dedicating its efforts to ensure the integrity of chicken meat, beef, and dairy products, INTAQT will help increase consumer confidence, traceability, and transparency within the food system.

At the core of INTAQT’s mission lies the empowerment of consumers through informed choices. Through its groundbreaking methodologies and technologies, INTAQT seeks to empower consumers with the knowledge needed to make conscious decisions about the products they purchase, thereby fostering a culture of sustainability and accountability.

Central to INTAQT’s agenda is the relentless pursuit of elevating the overall quality and safety standards of livestock products. By developing innovative assessment tools, the project will set new benchmarks for excellence in food production, ensuring that every product that reaches consumers’ tables is not only of the highest quality but also meets rigorous safety standards.

The significance of INTAQT’s efforts extends far beyond the laboratories. As it directs initiatives aimed at enhancing food quality and sustainability, the project emerges as a vehicle for positive change within the broader agricultural ecosystem.


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