New scientific research related to the topic of INTAQT!

Some of the INTAQT partners have published new papers directly linked to the aim of our project.

  • Carvalho, L. M.; Rocha, T. C.; Delgado, J. ; Díaz-Velasco, S.; Madruga, M. S.; Estévez, M. (2023). Deciphering the underlying mechanisms of the oxidative perturbations and impaired meat quality in Wooden breast myopathy by label-free quantitative MS-based proteomics. Food Chemistry. Available here!
  • Ryan, C. A.; Berry, D. P.; O’Brien, A.; Pabiou T.; Purfield, D. C. (2023). Evaluating the use of statistical and machine learning methods for estimating breed composition of purebred and crossbred animals in thirteen cattle breeds using genomic information. Frontiers in Genetics. Available here!
  • Kombolo-Ngah, M.; Goi, A.; Santinello, M.; Rampado, N.; Atanassova, S.; Liu, J.; Faure, P.; Thoumy, L.; Neveu, A.; Andueza, D.; De Marchi, M.; Hocquette, J.F, (2023). Across countries implementation of handheld near-infrared spectrometer for the on-line prediction of beef marbling in slaughterhouse. Meat Science. Available here!

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