The 3G Chiller Assessment course was a success!

The IMR3G Foundation and INRAE have organised the 3G Chiller Assessment course dedicated to partners involved in the INTAQT project. The company Grup Viñas hosted this session from the 7th to the 17th of February 2022 in their facility in Vic, located in Catalonia.

“Congratulations to the new Chiller Assessor team! Thank you for your involvement during the
training!” – Grzegorz Pogorzelski

The 3G Chiller Assessment course provides an understanding of the scientific and technical basis for beef eating quality assessment and directly teaches the skills required to apply the standards in the chillers. The course gathered 9 participants from many different countries, Spain, Belgium, Cameroun, Lebanon, France, Switzerland and Brazil. During these 8 days, about 300 carcasses were assessed by the trainees assisted by the trainer Grzegorz Pogorzelski and Alix Neveu.

IMR3G Chiller Assessment course description

Using the standards, a wide range of information can be collected on a carcass including the marbling, meat & fat colours, eye muscle area, pH, rib-fat depth, animal maturity and hump height under standard tightly defined protocols to ensure consistent research quality data. After validating the theory exam and completing the practical part, the participants will be able to assess beef carcasses using the 3G method.

The standards are adopted by the UNECE in conjunction with the UNECE Bovine Language and have been widely used for collaborative research projects in Europe and commercially in the Australian MSA program where they are inputs to a consumer grading model and are consistent with the USDA grading inputs. Finally, to ensure consistent application of the Chiller Assessment standards, and thus data accuracy, the IMR3GF provides an objective computer based standard, OsCap (Onsite Correlation and Practice Program). The OsCap system allows the Chiller Assessor to maintain skills and accreditation through on-line measurement tests, recorded and checked on an 8-week cycle.

B Y  A L I X  N E V E U ,  I M R 3 G  F O U N D A T I O N

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